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SSP Balance continues the power of the Safe and Sound Protocol, and can be used to extend and integrate the gains of the SSP Core and potentially act as a state stabilizer. It can also be used for further stabilization and integration before repeating SSP Core again. 


SSP Balance offers an opportunity to return to music as a calming and grounding experience with a less strenuous neural workout. The music in SSP Balance uses the same playlists as SSP Core, but is treated to present the frequency envelope of human voice with a narrower and less dynamic modulation around this range. It should feel like less of an exercise program than SSP Core and more of a re-experiencing of the cues of safety your body will remember from SSP Core. 


There is no particular order necessary for listening to the music in SSP Balance as the filtration algorithm for each hour is the same. This means you can feel free to keep returning to the same hour or half-hour segment that appeals to you or move freely in any order. You can listen with speakers or any type of headphone.


Your monthly subscription to the SSP Balance includes:

  • Access to your selected playlist for a month

  • Unlimited at home listening access through the Unyte-iLs app

  • Month to month subscription that can be canceled at any time

SSP Balance - 1 Month

Excluding GST/HST |
  • We will reach out to connect with you after you have purchased the SSP Balance to get your subscription started.

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