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SSP Connect includes three 5-hour playlists of full spectrum, unfiltered music. It is offered as a suggested, but optional, pathway to connect you with the experience of listening to music as a part of therapy, and to provide a less demanding introduction and foundation for listening to the Safe and Sound Protocol. 


SSP Connect is an invitation or warm up to the SSP for those who would benefit from a slower and gentler introduction. It can help develop familiarity with the music and listening process, providing a sense of comfort and safety for the client to experience the music, and set up a sense of expectancy for what is to come. 


Using SSP Connect can be an ideal opportunity for you to develop and strengthen co-regulating and self-regulating exercises for daily use as you progress through the listening. 


SSP Connect may be used: 

  • as a soothing and settling experience for those who feel anxious or tense; 

  • as a way of creating a sense of safety and expectancy; 

  • as a time to gain insight into the appropriate amount of listening specific to you; 

  • as a preparatory program before SSP Core or SSP Balance; 

  • on an as needed basis if you are experiencing difficulty or distress. 


Your monthly subscription to the SSP Connect includes:

  • Access to your selected playlist for a month

  • Unlimited at home listening access through the Unyte-iLs app

  • Information and resources to support your use of  SSP Connect

  • One 30-minute online consultation to support you in starting your listening journey

  • Month to month subscription that can be canceled at any time


Interested in SSP Connect for your family? Add additional family listeners for only $30/month.


If you are a current Valley Art Therapy client receiving regular services, you can access the SSP Connect as part of your treatment.  Ask at your next session, or contact for more information.


SSP Connect - 1 month

Excluding GST/HST |
  • We will reach out to connect with you after you have purchased the SSP Connect to get your subscription started.

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