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Our Team

Meet the Valley Art Therapy Ltd. Team!

Valley Art Therapy Ltd. is a group practice where practitioners work together to support our local communities.  We are dedicated to providing excellent services and evidence-based approaches that facilitate change and develop wellness and growth.

Peggy Colon
Counsellor/Psychotherapist - B.Ed., M.C.
Professional Memberships: Canadian Counselling & Psychotherapy Association
Specialized Training: Children/Youth, Play Th
erapy Level 1, EMDR

I offer an integrative approach using play therapy, art and music therapy, conversation, mindfulness, and games. I use different approaches depending on the needs and interests of each individual client. Currently, I provide therapy services to children and youth at Waywayseecappo Jordan's Principle.

I provide a warm, non-judgemental, nurturing, safe space in which the client will feel comfortable and supported. I believe in taking the time to build a trusting relationship and building that connection with clients so that I can meet them where they’re at as I help them heal, grow, and play.

I am a mother, and a grandmother to three beautiful granddaughters. I love watching my children play hockey, and make spending time with my family a priority. I love to travel and make travelling part of my self-care plan. Self-care is very important to me as it allows me to be as healthy as I can be so that I can give my clients the best me.

Dana Corr

Canadian Certified Counsellor, Art Therapist, Director – B.Ed., M.Ed., RCAT

Professional Memberships: Canadian Counselling & Psychotherapy Association, Canadian Art Therapy Association, EMDR Canada

Specialized Training: EMDR, Flash Technique, Somatic Experiencing Advanced II, Focusing, Sandplay, Safe and Sound Protocol, Trauma

Dana Corr trauma therapist and certified counsellor

I work with people across all age groups, currently focusing on young children and adults impacted by trauma. If you are finding that your current day functioning is being impacted by your past trauma, or you are wanting to move through difficult life events, then I may be a right fit for you in your therapeutic healing. In your work with me, you can expect to move at a pace that feels safe, without always having to put words to complicated or traumatic experiences. Our work is grounded in the somatic experience of the body and our nervous system survival responses (Polyvagal Theory). While I am a self-proclaimed non-artist, I know first-hand the crucial role that art can have in therapy. Art, expressive arts, and creativity are integrated in my work to empower clients in achieving deep and powerful healing. 
I love supporting therapists in-training and those new to the field through offering practicum placements at Valley Art Therapy, acting as a Faculty Advisor with Brandon University, and providing consultation. This maybe stems from my 25+ years in education, as a teacher, school counsellor, and principal. 
When I’m not at work, I can be found at home enjoying time with my family, savouring the views on our black Angus cattle ranch, and reading books!


Birtle Office – Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays 9:30-4:00
Russell Office – Fridays 9:00 – 4:00

I am in the final stages of completing my Diploma of Art Therapy at WHEAT Institute in Winnipeg. I am also an artist, a certified Level One Yoga Instructor, and Reiki Master. While working as a high school art teacher, I started my art therapy practicum with Valley Art Therapy. I was able to explore my passions within my art therapy practicum, and now I am excited to be working with Valley Art Therapy, both in schools (Waywayseecappo and Major Pratt) and in our Russell office.


I love working with youth and teens, and use a foundation in mindfulness practices. In your work with me, you can a expect a mindful, intention-based exploration of the self through the different mediums of art and art expression.

I truly believe in self-care, and for me that is creating art with friends and alone, reading sci-fi fantasy, and spending time with my family. This allows me to be present on my path to helping others start their own journey to self-discovery and healing through art.


Robyn Nerbas

Art Therapy Student Intern, DWHEAT Candidate

Professional Memberships: Canadian Art Therapy Association Student Member


Russell Office – Mondays 10:30 - 5:30

Cori Pawluk

Counsellor - BScPN, RPN

Cori Pawluk is a counsellor with years of experience supporting mental health


My training and experience as a psychiatric nurse is foundational in my work as a counsellor supporting clients with their mental health and wellness. I work to help clients with a variety of issues, including relationships, divorce, grief, anxiety, and depression. I provide services to adults and older teens, with a focus on women 35+, and specialize in anxiety and depression.


You can expect some genuine conversations as we troubleshoot together and likely a bit of humour on occasion. Let me support you with a therapy approach tailored to what will suit you best. I can offer you tools, new perspectives, and strategies specific to your situation. I strive to help and support you in making the changes you desire to live a life of fulfillment.

I am a city girl turned Farmers wife! I feel I can relate to rural and urbanites. I am happiest in my kitchen cooking for people I love. I have been called baba since a very young age as I feed people to show love. I am a mom to one son and spend way too much time at the rink or in my car. My favourite thing to do is travel and explore new places.


Birtle Office - Mondays11:00-7:00 Fridays 9:00-4:00

Michelle Fredbjornson

Grief Coach - Life Coach



My background is in holistic healing, with various certifications that have combined with my own life experience to bring me to coaching.

Life happens...and it isn't always what we thought it would be. I have experienced and felt just how hard life can be. When life takes us out of our comfort zone, we can start the search for direction, and in this, we can find the greatest experience and a deeper connection to ourselves.


In your work with me, you can expect a holistic coaching experience focused on your own personal growth and wellbeing. In sessions, we will explore together any stressors or limitations that are creating conflict in your life and how to move through them, while developing tools to move you toward your goals. Sessions are intended to create clarity and accountability as you grow and evolve into the person you want to be.

When I'm not coaching, you can find me behind my "hair therapy" chair, with horses, capturing scenic photos, or with my family and friends. Looking for the signs of connection is part of my everyday life, an important tool as I heal and grow in my own experience.


Birtle Office - Tuesdays, Thursdays 10:00-5:00

Alecia Weinheimer

Counsellor - BHJ, Solution Focused Level 2  

Bio Pic Alecia.jpeg

My career has been focused on working with children, youth, and families. I bring experience working with addiction, relationship and behavioural issues, mental health, and children-in-care.

I love working with youth and teenagers, as well as supporting families through difficult life stressors. You can expect a non-judgemental, honest and caring setting in your work with me. I use client centred and solution focused approaches. I will assist you in focusing on your strengths and setting goals to navigate through any issues you are dealing with.

When I’m not working I enjoy time working with our cattle, and enjoying country living. I love large animals, music and being creative, as well as spending time with my family.


Russell Office - Wednesdays

Birtle Office - bi-weekly Fridays 

Melanie Wotton

Care Coordinator - B.Ed.  


Hi! My name is Melanie and I am the Care Coordinator at Valley Art Therapy.


I have a Bachelor degree in Education from the University of Saskatchewan.

I worked as a teacher for 20 years with kids from grades K-8, and I have two children. Both my professional and personal experiences have made me familiar with the benefits of art therapy and counselling. My experiences have also taught me excellent organization and time management skills. I’m looking forward to helping you find the care that is best for you and your unique situation, and supporting you during your time at Valley Art Therapy.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family, hiking with my daughter, water skiing and spending time at the lake in the summer. 

Members of our Valley Art Therapy Ltd. team are employees, independent contractors, interns, and practicum students.

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