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Finding Your Centre Through Mandalas

We are almost ready for our third group in the Open Art Therapy Studio series, Finding Your Centre ~ Mandala Art Making. This group for adults will focus on the process of creating a mandala to ground in yourself and find your centre to support mental health and wellness. Art making, the creative process, mindfulness, and self-reflection will all combine to support and strengthen positive coping and self-care. As with all of our art therapy studio groups, no art experience or skills are required, as this group is a safe space for everyone to explore their creative side.

(Image by Robyn Nerbas)

According to, "mandala" is a Sanskrit word that means 'circle', and represents wholeness. Mandalas originated in Buddhism, but can also be found across cultures, and throughout nature. This ancient practice, filled with symbolism and sacred meaning, has evolved to become a familiar part of our modern culture. From adult colouring books to art making, the mandala provides a way to engage in meditation, mindfulness, and self-reflection. As with many forms of art making, mandala making has many positive benefits. It can help us focus and relax our mind and body, increase feelings of calm and wellness, reduce stress and anxiety, and strengthen our sense of self and connection.

As we have begun to move forward in a world that has been so unsettled, many of us may feel like we have lost our sense of self. We may feel more anxious or uncertain, disconnected or untethered, alone. We may have been focusing on our doing, rather than our being. As we work to find our centre, we can reconnect to our inner wisdom and knowing. We can reconnect to self, and to those around us. Accessing the present moment and grounding in calmness are valuable resources to support us on this journey to finding our centre. Mandala making, and creating art in community, provides a safe container for this inward exploration. And from this grounded place, we can create our intentions and vision for what lies ahead.

The Finding Your Centre group begins February 10, offering 4 consecutive Friday sessions, wrapping up on March 3. Sessions are from 6:30-8:30 pm. We hope you can join us!

Contact Birtle Centre for the Arts to register: 204-842-3846


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