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Strengthening Self-Compassion through Art Journaling

Our open studio art therapy group series continues with a new January group for adults, Strengthening Self-Compassion through Art Journaling. Thanks to our partnership with Birtle Centre for the Arts and funding by the Heathy Together Now grant through Prairie Mountain Health, this 4-session group is offered at a reduced rate. This art therapy group is open to adults of all ages. No previous art experience is required! This group provides a safe, inclusive space where everyone can be an artist, and care for their mental health and wellness.

Self-compassion is likely a familiar term, but a concept that can be more difficult for us to put into practice. Self-compassion means engaging with ourselves with warmth and understanding rather than judgements and criticisms. Sometimes, the kindness and compassion that we have for others feels hard to give to ourselves. We develop patterns of self-judgments and harsh criticisms, and our inner critic can run wild in it attempts to give us a sense of safety and protection.

As we begin to strengthen our self-compassion, we increase our positive coping and resilience which helps to improve our health and wellness. From this place of understanding, we are aware of our humanness, and begin to release unrealistic expectations and perfectionism. We can accept where we are and how we feel, and give ourselves the support and love we would give others in these difficult moments.

Enter art journaling! We can't expect self-compassionate thoughts and practices to just be automatic if we haven't been able engage in these yet. It is a process of awareness and developing our self-compassion 'muscles'. Art journaling is a way that we can express and process emotions, manage stress, and begin to shift that inner critic and our relationship with ourselves. With art journaling, there are no rules! Our creativity and play set the stage for mindfulness, reflection, and growth. We are able to practice new tools and thought patterns through art journaling. And in this art therapy group setting, we can see that we are not alone in our struggles with self-compassion, and receive support from others as we shift to a more self-compassionate way of being.

Ready to join us for this art therapy group? Contact Birtle Centre for the Arts to register.

204 842 5252


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